Picture taken by me at Amsterdam Light Festival 2019

Is the fashion industry still an ecosystem for creativity and innovation?

Like art and design, fashion always played an important and relevant role being a creative domain rendering a big part of modern society, having a strong influence on economy and cultural life. However, is fashion still an ecosystem for creativity and innovation and I wonder; do we still need designers in the Future of Fashion? Mainstream consumers are taking style into their own hands. H&M Group’s newest brand /Nyden is tapping into Instagram Stories for its latest collection, teaming up with influencers to crowdsource design features. We are growing into a situation where the power of design lies in the hands of the people, not necessarily just designers sitting in their showroom in Paris. Could it be, that fashion needs more dreams, needs new inspirations and wouldn’t technology just be a great tool for it?

WiT Regatta

I had great conversations about this subject at the 'Women in Tech Regatta Amsterdam’ ( Held at Oct. 29th - Nov 2nd in CIRCL/WEWORK/PwC ) The event is an initiative from USA based entrepreneur Melody Biringer and presents a curated collection of educational events, workshops and conversations designed to connect women in tech to mentors, peers, resources and to the power of community.

How Fashion and Tech intersect

For the ‘Future of Fashion’ theme I was assigned to select, prepare and moderate a panel and this session went live on November 2nd in CIRCL - Zuidas. Our topic was how fashion and tech intersect and we featured sustainable current and future scenario’s in different domains of fashion. Our diverse and dynamic group of speakers provided real, down-to-earth stories of profound impact and together with our audience we designed conversations between women in tech and women in fashion, dedicated to making the industry more inclusive and diverse. The energy and inspiration will continue to be things we look back on to help push us forward in our careers.

Fashion Tech - Isrid moderator at WiT Regatta Amsterdam
Fashion Tech - Isrid moderator at WiT Regatta Amsterdam
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