John Farla

Chief Finance Officer at Just Brands | Member of the MT

At Just Brands we have partnered with Isrid for nearly 10 years and learned that her special personal & social skills combined with in-depth knowledge of the business and its key professionals make her an extremely valuable sparring partner to grow our senior management teams and to solve our recruitment needs for pushing our company to the next level. Without a doubt, for us Isrid is a trusted and dedicated representer of our company in the candidate market and she's the best source in order to get top professionals onboard.

Handpicking talent
Key talent recruitment by Isrid

Dirk de Vos

Former director of Levi Strauss & Co, Van de Velde, Sally Beauty | Self employed Business Strategist

I have been following Isrid for many years and she has always been a source of inspiration. Many of her articles and writings made me think and review my standpoints. We finally got to meet a couple of months ago, and the conversation we had was so inspiring that it made me decide, there and then, to start my own business. A true cosmopolitan, Isrid has her finger on the pulse of what is going on today, or even more: on what will be going on tomorrow.
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Inspired by Isrid

Micheline D’hane

Head of Sales Schiphol Airport Retail (SAR) | Member of the MT

Isrid and I share the strong belief that people who feel good in their role and are challenged, make a positive difference in a company. Isrid has filled a number of vacancies for managers in senior positions. Thanks to her extensive retail knowledge, strong empathetic feeling and experience, she manages to cast the right people. I also found an excellent sparring partner in Isrid, our conversations often translate into beautiful plans that contribute to our corporate culture. In 2019, Isrid developed and led a “lead by example” program for our Sales Managers Team, focusing on Empowerment & Ownership. Through her openness and professionalism, Isrid is able to quickly win the trust of people and get them moving. Where Isrid goes, energy flows!
Handpicking talent
Talent recruitment, moderating and training by Isrid

Domenik Romano

Commercial Director, Noppies, Esprit, Supermom

Isrid is a one of a kind, a beautiful person - inside and out - and a top expert in her field.
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Career advice and Recruitment

Titia Seubring

HR Business Partner at Chanel Benelux

I am working together with Isrid on the recruiting of specific roles in retail sales. She has a deep understanding of and network in the luxury industry. With her years of experience in talent recruitment and her specialism in luxury retail, Isrid is able to present candidates that meet the high standards of luxury retail. Her fast and accurate way of operating and transparent communication makes it a pleasure to work with her.
Handpicking talent
Recruitment for luxury retail by Isrid

Sidita Kasemi

Program Director at Rome Business School

The very first moment I met Isrid I was sure she was the right person at the right time. She made a contribution to the success of the Master in Fashion and Luxury Management of the Rome Business School. As a professor she has not only inspired the students, she has also pushed and helped them to become better thinkers, gain deep and insightful answers which will help them for their future careers. In other words she has worked hard at helping the students become better managers for a better world. Thanks Isrid for your contribution!
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Expert teaching by Isrid

Kim Pereira

Owner and Editor in Chief Afdeling M. Uitgever Textilia, Schoenvisie, Bengels

Working with Isrid has been very inspiring and uplifting. Her warm personality combined with her extensive knowledge of the Dutch fashion industry and retail, love for people and her curiosity has made her the perfect person to mediate our events and to consult for future business endeavors. She is very good at defining the core of your business, narrowing the scope and what actions need to be taken going forward.
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Moderated event by Isrid

Giulia Tarozzi

International Retail Operations Manager Stone Island

Isrid and I know each other since five years, and the core of our collaboration dates back to 2015 when I opened the Stone Island flagship store in Amsterdam. At the time I did not know much about the retail and fashion scene in the city, and as soon as I got in touch with her I remember that I felt this sort of “relief” because I KNEW she was going to support me in the recruitment process for the whole team in the way I always hope for: not only well aware of the local candidate sourcing, but also able to listen to me and understand which type of team I was dreaming about, in terms of vibes, brand culture and customer service approach. This sensibility is not evident with head hunters, I can grant this, and for me it’s what makes a difference between the good ones and the outstanding ones, like Isrid surely is. Her way to connect with people is the key in all her endeavors and projects and I really admire her for this - I hope I have a bit of the same!
Handpicking talent
Recruitment for luxury retail by Isrid

Rob van Thiel

Design & Development Director Nine & Co

Isrid sketched a great inspiring future for our management team through her masterclass.
We all got wings.
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Strategy and Implementation

Susanne Schilte

Manager Boutique Tourbillon

From the moment I met Isrid, which is now some time ago, we had a click, a certain connection. Isrid is genuinely interested, honest, asks extensive questions and challenges you. She inspires and motivates, always strives for the best possible and, above all, for quality, both for candidate and organization. Isrid is someone who knows how to connect people and companies with her drive, professionalism and humor. She has a large network and does her work with pleasure and dedication.
Handpicking talent
Recruitment for luxury retail by Isrid

Suzanne Mulders-Pluijmers

Sr Manager Product Strategist Manager Tommy Hilfiger e-Commerce

I built a strong business relationship with Isrid during the past 15 years. I value Isrid for her valuable guidance in her role as a moderator, trainer, sparring partner and recruiter. Isrid embraces the challenges that come her way at any time and manages to turn these challenges into a positive and constructive event. The empowerment Ponsteiger session Isrid held for my team made a strong impact. I admire Isrid’s energy, sincerity, capability to connect people, her knowledge and vision on the international fashion industry.
Handpicking talent
Talent recruitment, moderating and training by Isrid

Patti Brown

Director Essec Business School Fashion & Luxury MBA, Paris

I’m a real fan of the Isrid way of doing things!
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Consultancy and Business Events

Theresia Koning

HR Business Partner NINE&Co

Isrid is a true partner from her expertise, view of the fashion industry and the associated future. I experience Isrid as very energetic and inspiring. During our regular conversations she always informs me on the latest developments in the market and triggers me to view things from different perspectives in order to be able to use the desired goals and images. As a true professional, she then contributes to the next steps. This also makes Isrid a very valuable and reliable partner for me that also helps you to the next level.
Handpicking talent
Talent recruitment by Isrid
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