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Welcome to my website. My name is Isrid van Geuns. For many years I worked as a design and product manager and made my mark on several successful enterprises in the fashion and retail industry. In 2009, I founded my company IS WORKS; a concept and platform in which I, as a recruiter and business developer, bring together people and businesses. I also stimulate projects in the fashion and retail industry.
In 2014, I started IS BOUTIQUES, a sister company, in order to specialize as a tailored recruitment partner to serve international luxury houses with retail facilities in the Netherlands.

My 50th birthday, May 11th 2018, seemed like the perfect day to
introduce my new website and company name. I brought together
both companies and my various activities under the name ISRID,
because I deeply felt that there’s no need to make things more
complicated anymore. My company is me in person from start
to finish - together with my network.
It’s my energy and great care that makes it come full circle.

Business clubs:
Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club
Indo Business Club
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