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Welcome to my website. My name is Isrid van Geuns. For many years I worked as a design and product manager and made my mark on several successful enterprises in the fashion and retail industry.

In 2009, I founded my company, ISRID, an owner-run agency for access to talent, recruitment and innovation consultancy, serving an exclusive and high-quality portfolio of clients in the fashion, lifestyle and luxury industry.

I globally connect brands, talent, technologists, academies and creators to their future collaborators.

It's people that are
at the heart of innovation

In 2020 I launched ISRID | ACADEMY, a learning boutique for smarter fashion,  offering unique online Masterclasses, 1-on-1 career coaching sessions and team inspiration to allow professionals in the fashion community to reflect and learn.

The vision of ISRID is to help grow and secure a culture for ecosystem collaborations by delivering a number of activities to simplify, and support innovation, business development and market-entry, such as talent acquisition, B2B activation, strategy consulting and project management.

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