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Who is Isrid, what can she do for you? Isrid is a trendwatcher, talent developer and global talent finder specialized in the fashion and luxury business, also providing a series of courses and master classes to raise the bar in the industry.

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The Gen-Z specialist

Since 2022 Isrid’s son Zeb joined the agency which is now a family Business. Times are changing and Gen-Z is a fast growing and specific workforce. Zeb specialises in supporting young talent careers and recruitment, also offering CV coaching.

If you’re looking for a job or top talent?

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What will happen in the fashion and luxury business? Isrid provides a range of courses and programs to raise the bar in the industry and to keep you ahead of the trends, rather than following them.

Intelligence keeps you up to date and fully informed. Inspiration stimulates you and your brand for the future and implementation turns words into actions. Read the monthly Fashion & Luxury Intelligence Report for the latest and future trends.

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