The PVH Campus at Houthavens Amsterdam

With the founding of ISRID I had a mission in mind: Connecting top talent to the industry, connecting professionals with their core talent and soft skills and most of all; helping the fashion and luxury industry in quality growth and innovation.

In a very early stage I realized that for fashion and luxury brands to remain in sync and relevant, they will need to adapt to change and deliver digital experiences. This is why ISRID is specializing in fashion-tech, through designing fashion-tech and digital mindset classes and to service my clients with the recruitment and onboarding of talent that have an adaptable mindset to this innovation.

In 2018 I was asked by the Learning and Development department of PVH to assist them in designing their first ‘Women talk Tech’ seminar. The initiative came from a need to connect with female technologie talent and facilitate a network and inspiration evening at the PVH campus headquarters.

The seminar and talk was a great succes, not only by the huge amount of interest and attendees ( we could only host 150 people but we got a lot more requests to join ) but also because of the open conversation. In this gathering also the men offered great insights and a valuable contribution.

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