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owner c. van geuns agency
October 2017
Isrid van Geuns - Recruitment - Specializing in fashion and luxury
interview by Isrid

'I am inspired by numbers'

Worry free
“My parents still remember a time where it was common to fill orders twice a year and have no further contact with the clients in between. These days we are, as I call it, a full service agency. We do so much more than just writing the orders. We take care of our clients from start to finish, give them a worry free experience and really make this a joint effort. We show our support by way of organising events, sales training, merchandising and we accommodate in adding stock or taking back any merchandise, no questions asked. We frequently are given the freedom to put together an order as we see fit, working with a client’s fixed budget. There are instances where we not only decide on the order but have complete freedom at setting the client’s budget. It’s a matter of trust and we continue to build and nurture those relationships. We are merely an extension of the client and it’s the only way to be successful in this business.”

One stop shopping experience
“We carry Atelier Gardeur, which is produced in its own factories. We also carry an assortment of different brands that compliments our main brand and is sought after by our clients. Recently I joined forces with Menno, the owner of Focus Brands, to run the agency for Terre Bleue. Menno and I are both located on the same floor in the WFC and we are also friends. It seemed like a good idea to work together, Terre Blueu is a great add on to each of our companies and a good fit for our clients. Our collaboration has a positive side effect on our clients, it creates a more ‘one stop shopping’ experience, which makes life easier.”

'We created an oasis within the building, with a great working atmosphere and I am proud of that.'

“My previous work experience includes working for Polo by Ralph Lauren in the States and Freetex. Fashion’s in my blood, I remember sorting out hangers and stamping the orders at my parent’s showroom back when I was only six years old.”

How did you decide you wanted to continue in fashion?
“My studies took me to Tel Aviv where I studied Middle Eastern politics. On my return in 1989, I continued my education at the TMO (fashion business school). At that point it became apparent I was destined to continue in fashion. I joined the family business, C. van Geuns Agency in 1988.”

“I am inspired by numbers. They are an accurate benchmark to see how things are going. It tells me if I am doing ok or if I need to pull up my socks some more. I like to be the best, I am very competative and very ambitious. I like to think big. It is hugely rewarding to continue to build the trust with clients and to be the main agent supplying their stores. Action speaks louder than words, but only if you explain your actions. It is our company’s motto and resonates with my team. You have to continue to prove yourself, people count on us, every season.”
Nicest floor
“Our family holds a long history with the WFC. My parents were the first ones to move into tower two and I also worked there a number of years as I started with the company. In the year 2000 I moved to the Fashion Centre in Almere for a while. I returned to the WFC eleven years ago and I consider our location in the first tower as being one of the nicest. We created an oasis within the building, with a great working atmosphere and I am proud of that.”

Fashion Future
“Fashion is loosing ground when it comes to our spending pattern. We like to spend our money on different things. We see our youth spending more money on phones and gadgets. We like to travel more, spend money on entertainment and we like to go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We pay big money to just enjoy the experience.”

Published in the WFC 50 year anniversary book
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