stichd is a member of the PUMA Group. The head office is located in The Netherlands (‘s-Hertogenbosch), in addition to their global sales offices throughout Europe, Asia, and South America. The warehousing and distribution facilities are located in The Netherlands (Tilburg), Mexico City and China (Shanghai). In total this company has over 500 people working in their organization.

They are a collective of individuals with diverse personalities where integrity and expertise are balanced with humility. A happy workplace is synonymous with trust and therefore they provide the freedom that allows our employees to do what they do best. Together with an informal, direct, hands-on approach, stitchd embraces entrepreneurial spirit and geeky love for all things knitted to create the fabric of their organization and success.

For decades, They’ve woven together the fabric of our organization. Stichd is a unique patchwork of many elements, strengthened by its history, brands and accomplishments.

From branded socks and underwear to swimwear and fanwear, stitchd designs products that are the most personal and emotional to you. They’re not just accessories. These humble heroes might be the first thing you put on, the last you take off, or the way you celebrate your favorite team.

Through weaving together design, sales, logistics, marketing and digital, they are crafting products that stay with you. And by connecting brands, retailers and consumers, stitchd creates experiences that matter.

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