As one of the leading global luxury goods companies, Richemont comprises 18 Maisons and 2 online businesses. Each Maison functions as an international business with a small family feel and is led by an entrepreneurial spirit and respect for tradition. They apply their métiers d’art and craftsmanship to watch-making, jewellery, writing instruments and high-end fashion and accessories.

The Group draws strength from a rich diversity and unique aesthetic sensibility, all coupled to the latest in sustainable and ethical luxury.

Richemont has corporate support services and regional shared service platforms. These services provide support to their Maisons in order to enable them to focus on their strengths in design, creation, sales and marketing.

With over 2,000 years of combined history, Richemont has the future in mind as we invite you to join us and write the next chapter in the history of our Maisons.

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