Lightmakers BV is the company behind Light & Living, a wholesale concept in decorative lighting and home accessories. Lightmakers BV was founded more than 40 yours ago in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. Originally a producer of lampshades, we know exactly what good lighting can do for a room. Today, we still make customized lampshades and limited editions by hand in our workplace in Noordwijk. Nowadays the Light & Living collection not only consists of lampshades. We offer all other kinds of decorative lighting and accessories in different styles as well. Light & Living has a fixed collection that has proven his success in the last few years. Besides that, we present a seasonal collection twice a year, that will most certainly enthuse you.

Lightmakers BV exports to over 70 countries worldwide. Besides our head office in Noordwijk, we have offices in Great Britain, Norway, China and the United States of America. We sell the Light & Living collection in our showrooms and in our webshop. But you can also find us at several international fairs and Dutch cash & carry's, where we present the collection.


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