Waterdrop’s mission is to encourage you to drink more water in order for you to live a healthier, longer and more sustainable life. Isrid Agency is very proud to represent and support this sustainable concept in connecting them with the best and unique talent out there.

"Why isn't there any beverage that doesn't require the use of yet another plastic bottle or that actually tastes nice and is small enough to fit through any bottle neck?"

That's what Martin thought in the spring of 2016, when the concept of a big thing that is very small was born: the microdrink - the best fruit and plant extracts compressed in the shape of a small cube. All you need is fresh water. No sooner said than done: Martin, his friend Christoph and his brother Henry turned this vision into reality with the help of an incredible team. Waterdrop is offering their unique cubes, but also accessories like water bottles, glasses, storage boxes etc.

Waterdrop is expanding rapidly throughout Europe, they strongly believe in retail concepts however their scope is 360 degree, online to offline and even B2B with customized products.

Check their website and store: https://en.waterdrop.com/

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