Isrid - Masterclass Fashion-Tech Trends at SOHO Amsterdam


Monday, May 13th 2019 from 2 to 6 PM
At SOHO House, Spuistraat 210, Amsterdam

a need to know & grow
for leaders in the fashion,
lifestyle and luxury industry

The fashion sector is one of the largest industries in the global economy and today, tech is transforming fashion at a faster pace than ever. From robots that sew and cut fabric, to AI algorithms that predict style trends, to VR mirrors in dressing rooms, technology is automating, personalizing, and speeding up every aspect of fashion. Also the way we work is changing - company cultures and leadership teams are evolving to meet the needs of their digital native employees. From the frontend to the backend, whether you are a brick-and-mortar retailer, a designer label or an e-commerce platform, you have to have tech to enable yourself. And enablement starts with finding and nurturing talent. And that means hiring the right people and cultivating the right culture.

This seminar for C level leaders is designed as a compass and shortcut to all the relevant fashion-tech developments out there, presented by industry experts. The initiator, curator and presenter of the Masterclass is ISRID fashion and luxury connections. This boutique agency specializes in employee recruitment and employer branding for businesses and functions as a strategic bridge linking brands, retailers and talent with the innovation economy. By truly investing in technology knowledge and designing conversations ISRID enables the exchange of progressive ideas and positive change. Together we will predict, discuss, and invent the future.

Masterclass Fashion-Tech Trends - Peter Keijzer, Isrid van Geuns, Melody Biringer
Tickets are free

How to join the event:
This Masterclass is exclusively designed for company owners and C-level managers in the fashion, lifestyle and luxury industry.

We have 40 seats available at the event. There’s a curated guest list, clients of ISRID will get priority, but we appreciate all applications so we can tailor these events - now and in the future - to the needs and interest of all serious participants.

If you wish to enrol and be considered as a guest, please sign up via the diamond button found on this page.


2 - 6 pm (doors open at 1:30)

1.30 Doors open
2.00 Introduction by Isrid
2.15 Kick Off by Peter with global trends and ‘Top 5 tech innovation’ take aways.
2.45 ‘Relationships are the true currency’ and the ‘Women in Tech’ movement by Melody
3.15 Short break
3.45 Top technology trends re-shaping the fashion industry by Isrid
4.30 Cocktails, bites and talks
6.00 End
Masterclass Fashion-Tech Trends - May 13, 2019 - SOHO Amsterdam


May 13th 2019
2 - 6 PM
SOHO House
Spuistraat 210

Speakers & partners

Speakers & Partners - Masterclass Fashion-Tech Trends - May 13, 2019 - SOHO Amsterdam

peter keijzer

Owner and Tech Watcher at Lubbers de Jong PR & Communication

Peter was one of the founders of Dell Computer in the Netherlands and Belgium and now the owner of Lubbers de Jong, a PR and content marketing agency, specialized in technology and innovation. Together with his team, Peter enjoys creating smart, goal-oriented strategies for the growth of their international clients, scale-ups and start-ups. In addition to his activities as a technology watcher and strategist, he also supports environmental and sustainable initiatives, such as the Plastic Soup Foundation, for which Peter is a board member.

Through his business, network and sense for innovation and future scenario’s, Peter takes a special interest and know-how in technology. Being a great storyteller and by bringing the human touch to tech, he is the best to kick of this Masterclass with his remarkable vision and his top 5 take aways of the recently held ‘SXSW Tech and Innovation Festival’ in Texas.

isrid van geuns

Recruiter and Expert Teacher Fashion-Tech Trends

With her boutique agency, Isrid has build an exclusive and high-quality platform of talent and companies in the fashion, lifestyle and luxury domain. She has grown her authority and network by having a 360 degree view on the industry and by being trusted by all parties involved. Isrid specializes in exclusive searches and headhunting, fashion-tech innovations and in designing programs for individual or team empowerment. In these domains she is a professor for the Fashion Master of the International Business School of Rome.

Isrid is the initiator of this event. She dedicates herself to help growing companies and relevant perspectives on an inclusive, innovative fashion industry. Isrid will dive into the top technology trends reshaping our business and how we design, manufacture, distribute and market our collections.

melody biringer

Founder Women in Tech Regatta

Melody is the founder and producer of the WiT Regatta: a week-long conference in Seattle, Vancouver and Amsterdam, she brings people together to advance women in STEM and Tech. As a connection engineer, Melody is a master of designing alliances. She believes that relationships are most important in our lives and that unlikely mashups create new perspectives and opportunities. She has built an international ecosystem of sisterhood and is a nav system for modern day ‘heart & soul’ business.

All the way from Seattle, Melody will share her entrepreneurial story, why and how she founded a women in technology platform and how she involves and connects people and companies. Around the globe Melody participates in a large variety of tech initiatives and she will update us on her learnings.

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